Compliance Breakthrough

Dramatic Advancements that simplify Cures Act compliance and deliver a FHIR Repository specific to healthcare providers.


Breakthrough Advancements in BDR-COMPLY

Healthcare providers have been anxious, and even fearful of not meeting the July 1, 2021, Cures Act regulations. Until now, there hasn’t been a viable, simple solution to meet those mandates. Perhaps what causes providers the greatest anxiety is that so much data comes to them in a wide variety of formats. Perhaps HL7, or XML, an RDBMS, No SQL, SQL, CSV and other data formats. Each of these and other data formats will add additional years to accomplish the Cures Act and the building of a FHIR Repository.

Traditionally Healthcare providers felt their first need was to populate their EHR or EMR systems so that the healthcare provider’s staff  could access the data quickly for the benefit of patients; but now the government is telling them they must also populate a FHIR server, and to have it ready by 12/31/2022.

BDR-COMPLY can solve this dilemma by ingesting  data,  in most any format, to populate a FHIR server and simultaneously create a CSV or RDBMS extract to populate a provider’s EHR, EMR or other healthcare system.  BDR-COMPLY will create the same extract so that your staff has just one interface to build to populate your systems no matter what the original data format was.

What does it mean to be Cures Act compliant?

♦ Patients must have FREE on-line / digital access to all healthcare data in your possession. This has been a requirement since July of 2021.

♦ By the end of this year all your healthcare data must be in a FHIR format and accessible by patients and other healthcare personnel and organizations.

♦ By the end of 2023, all communications between you and other healthcare providers, or you and government agencies, must be completely in a FHIR format.

How can BDR-COMPLY make your life easier?

♦ BDR-COMPLY is a complete, automated and tested,  Off-The-Shelf technology.

♦ BDR-COMPLY can accept healthcare data in almost any format and automatically restructure the data into a FHIR format and populate a FHIR server.

♦ BDR-COMPLY’s GUI screens can easily extract a Patients data from a FHIR server for patient viewing or to securely download the data to the Patient’s device.

These  features give you a  solution to be Cures Act compliant while delivering a FHIR Repository!  As our technology is Off-The-Shelf and  ready for immediate use, you can become Cures Act and HIPAA compliant  in a very short time!

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