Without the need for technical assistance or additional software, BDR-COMPLY transforms all HL7 transactions into FHIR format and loads your FHIR server. Patients and authorized users can then use BDR-COMPLY to access any FHIR data they have permission to view or download.


Cures Act Compliance: BDR-COMPLY allows a Patient to use browser technology, from any device, to view or download all, or any portion of their data residing in your FHIR server.

BDR-COMPLY provides a User Interface giving Patients the ability to request the data fields they wish to view online or to download securely to their device.  The patient first uses a process that incorporates 2 Factor authentication and requires them to enter sufficient information for a positive identification to be made.  The patient may also identify other individuals that are allowed to access their healthcare data.  These other individuals can later access BDR-COMPLY and download that patient’s data directly.

These features are available today and are shown in the following video. 


BDR-COMPLY provides an off-the-shelf solution to meet Cures Act requirements that all healthcare organizations must give patients free online viewing access to their healthcare data and a mechanism to request and receive that data at no cost.  BDR-COMPLY also encrypts all healthcare data in your FHIR server with AES256 encryption.  At no time will healthcare data be exposed to system intruders and your patients will feel secure knowing their information is safe.

Having encrypted data will not impose a burden on either authorized staff or patients making legitimate requests for data from your FHIR server.  BDR-COMPLY has mastered the internals of FHIR and has integrated its encryption/decryption programs with FHIR servers, making the encryption/decryption process seamless.  At no time will staff or patients be aware that they are accessing encrypted FHIR data.



The central purpose of the Cures Act is to improve data interoperability by achieving 2 goals:

  • Improve access to healthcare data by patients, government agencies and healthcare providers; and
  • To prevent Information blocking by health care providers in order to increase healthcare provider competition. The Cures Act mandates using a standardized data structure and format to facilitate data transmission and ease of understanding by those receiving the data.

FHIR was selected by the government as the mechanism to achieve interoperability.  BDR-COMPLY easily and automatically transforms existing HL7 data into FHIR data while providing authorized users with a simple User Interface (“UI”) to request extracts of medical data when required. 

BDR-COMPLY has found the solution to the major roadblocks associated with building a FHIR server populated with FHIR formatted data which is mandated by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (“ONC”).  The ONC has set a deadline of December 31, 2023 for all healthcare providers to meet this requirement.  

Until all healthcare providers are able to send and receive FHIR formatted data, there will be a need to transmit requested medical information to other healthcare providers in either FHIR data format or HL7 data format.  In order to keep an easy flow of critical information to all healthcare providers, BDR-COMPLY has the ability to send and receive both HL7 and FHIR data automatically.  In this way a healthcare provider using BDR-COMPLY has maximum flexibility to transmit data to another healthcare provider that is without FHIR capabilities.


Even though FHIR formatted data is the future for healthcare interoperability and will be required by various departments of Health and Human Services, it does not secure your data or deter unauthorized access of your healthcare data.  BDR-COMPLY delivers multiple levels of FHIR protection so you can build a HIPAA compliant server by offering the following:

BDR-COMPLY encrypts HL7 messages at the point of first contact and maintains that encryption through the process of converting HL7 into FHIR JSON, through the process of building Bundles required by a FHIR server and ultimately as the Bundles are ingested by the FHIR server to populate the FHIR database and Blob storage.

BDR-COMPLY requires 2 Factor authentication to complete the login process after the user is identified from their User ID and password.

  • The user begins by typing in their User ID and password on the BDR-COMPLY sign in screen.
  • The 2 Factor process sends an encrypted master key to the patient’s or user’s device where the BDR-2 Factor Application holds that key until another transmission is received containing the encrypted authentication code.
  • The BDR 2 Factor application then uses the encryption key to decrypt the authentication code and display it for the user to type into the original BDR-COMPLY sign in screen.
  • The BDR-COMPLY sign in screen accepts the user’s entry of the security code and grants the user access to BDR-COMPLY.
  • This authentication code automatically changes every 10 seconds.

To maintain data security during data transmissions, BDR-COMPLY creates a unique encryption code when a patient or user downloads their data.  The data is transmitted in encrypted format and automatically decrypted upon arrival at the user’s location.


Only Three Clicks are required to transfer existing HL7 data into your FHIR server; no addition software or technical expertise will be required.  BDR-COMPLY makes it simple.

BDR-COMPLY’s User Interface allows a technician to click on the database containing HL7 messages, then click on the FHIR server to be populated, and then to click the RUN button.  That is all that is required to build your FHIR server. 

BDR-COMPLY delivers other screens that allow researches to request data extracts from you FHIR server for internal research and analysis.  A researcher can easily select fields to extract according to criteria such as; all patients between the age of 45 and 60 who had certain medications prescribed for them and were non-smokers.  The data will be extracted in an easily manipulated format that other analytic tools can immediately process.   



BDR-COMPLY is an off-the-shelf solution that can begin populating your FHIR server within days. It is simple to use and requires just cursory understanding of FHIR and its internal operations.  This was accomplished as a result of many years of difficult development efforts that were possible only after dissecting FHIR itself to discover how it functions and what it requires.

As you can see in the graphic to the left, our government has estimated an enormous annual expenditure to meet the cures act on your own. Don’t dedicate 20+ developers to this task when a simple but highly sophisticated solution is just on the shelf waiting to be tried. 



    BDR-COMPLY is a complete application designed to build a fully populated FHIR server in under a month that will allow you to becomes Cures Act compliant.

    Why spend two or three years trying to build an automated process to bring healthcare data into a FHIR server and then discover the application isn’t going to deliver what you hoped.

    BDR-COMPLY is complete, can be installed in a few days and can be fully tested by your staff in under a month.  Get your Cures Act answers now and without the turmoil and costs.


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